Model Building – The Early Years

I started working with SciFi models kits when I was in high school. I did have some experience with Star Trek kits when I was even young. AMT, who have the Star Trek license, was not too far from where I lived in Southfield, Michigan. So I had an Enterprise kit when I was young.

It was when models from Star Wars came out that I really began to create. I used my first airbrush for base coats and weathering. Fine detailing was still by hand. Increasing my skill with each kit.

When Star Trek:The Motion Picture hit the screen, so did the models. I was one of the first to use fiber optics for light the model. Utilizing LED for pilot lights and micro bulbs, typically used in doll houses, to illuminate the fiber strands.

While this was my early work, it was some of my best. Unfortunately, when I went to college, I lent a lot of the collection to a local hobby store for display. A couple of years later I went to retrieve the models, but the store had lost them. It was a big loss for me at the time.

Below is a gallery of some of the kits.


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