Professional Experience
Technology Communication Manager

U.S. Department of State / Washington DC

04.2019 - Present

  • Developed user-focused learning materials for mobile/ remote use of Office 365 which led to 6,000 additional users and reduction in IT service requests.
  • Created new knowledge hub and online training for cloud and mobile applications resulting in better-informed and productive user community.
MicroLearning Lead – Foreign Service Institute

U.S. Department of State/ Arlington VA

08.2017 - 04.2019

  • Established criteria and methodology for MicroLearning video development resulting in 10+ new videos for job-place learning.
  • Created prototype cloud-based learning portal to demonstrate usefulness of job site training and social learning.
Senior Business Practice Advisor –
Office of eDiplomacy

U.S. Department of State/ Washington DC

08.2011 - 08.2017

  • Fostered development of user-focused solutions through management of IT Innovation Fund resulting in 10 customer-driven solutions to solve various user issues.
  • Developed prototype knowledge management and collaboration system that illustrated cost-effectiveness of open source solutions.
  • Used graphic design, video production, and WordPress tools to promote new technology leading to increased user awareness and adoption.
Director of Print Production

U.S. Department of State / Manila Philippines

06.2007 - 07.2011

  • Managed government printing facility in Philippines and secured ISO-9001 certification, increasing quality control.
  • Designed marketing strategies and tools to increase customer knowledge, leading to overall increase in revenue and customer satisfaction.
Senior Technology Advisor

U.S. Department of State / Washington DC

06.2006 - 05.2007

  • Provided technology advice to U.S. embassies in Europe leading to increased use of Web 2.0/Social Media.
  • Conducted technology needs analysis for Public Affair offices in Europe resulting in better insights and support.
Public Diplomacy instructor -
Foreign Service Institute

U.S. Department of State / Arlington VA

08.2003 - 06.2006

  • Integrated contextual technology training into main course content through classroom and hands-on training, allowing Public Affairs practitioners to leverage digital tools.
  • Developed and taught numerous sections of the comprehensive public affairs curriculum for new and experienced Information Officers, Cultural Affairs Offices, and Public Affairs Officers heading to assignments abroad, leading to better informed Public Diplomacy practitioner.
Overseas Printing Specialist/Technology Advisor

U.S. Information Agency & Department of State / Washington DC

06.1991 - 07.2003

  • Oversaw conversion from analog to digital production for five magazines, in over 14 languages, and countless other print products with savings in time, money and resources.
  • Deployed and managed internet centers in refugee camps during the Kosovo war.
Eastern Michigan University

Bachelor Of Science

09.1981 - 09.1985

  • Major: Written Communications – Public Relations 
  • Minor: Geography and Earth Science 
Professional Skills
Course Development
MicroLearning Development
Business Needs Assessment
Solution Analysis
Technology Consulting
Technology Skills
Video Production
Adobe Premiere 85%
Motion Graphics
Adobe AfterEffect 80%
Virtual Classroom
Adobe Connect/Microsoft Teams 85%
Adobe Captivate/ ScreenFlow 90%
Web Site Creation
WordPress/SharePoint Online 95%
Meritorious Honor Award

U.S. Department of State/
Office of eDiplomacy


In recognition of your outstanding efforts to harness technology in service of American diplomacy.

Meritorious Honor Award

U.S. Department of State/
Office of eDiplomacy


In recognition of you championing UX in all its forms at the Department of State.

Superior Honor Award

U.S. Department of State/
Foreign Service Institute


In recognition for outstanding contributions to the design and implementation of the new Public Diplomacy Professional training curriculum September 2003 – March 2004.

Meritorious Honor Award

U.S. Department of State/
Office of International Information Programs


For support of Liquid State/Washington File project and commitment to the principle of technology innovation as well as its practical implementation with the Mobile Edition and new Washington File web page.
Hammer Award

Office of the Vice President/
National Partnership to Reinvent Government


For contribution to building a government that work better and cost less. Awarded to the Kosovo Refugee Internet Assistance Initiative Team.

Meritorious Honor Award

United States Information Agency


In recognition for outstanding contributions to the design, development and implementation of the Refugee Internet Assistance Initiative at FT. Dix, New Jersey and its evolution into the highly successful seven Internet Centers of the Kosovo Internet Assistance Initiative.



David was a desktop technology pioneer in the 1980’s and helped to bring new solutions like desktop publishing, desktop presentations, multi-media, and desktop color imaging to the marketplace. His success is based on his unique ability to translate technology innovation into real-world use.

He joined the U.S. Information Agency in 1991. In his first decade, David implemented desktop publishing for publication production, instituted “just-in-time” technology training, and content management. During the Kosovo war, David helped open Internet centers in refugee camps located in the U.S. and Europe.

David became a faculty member at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) in 2003 and integrated contextual technology training directly into core course materials.

He served as a Senior Technology Adviser for the U.S. Department of State’s European Public Diplomacy office (EUR/PPD). And then the Director of Printing at the global printing center in Manila Philippines (A/GIS/GPS).

David became a Business Practice Advisor for the Office of eDiplomacy in 2011. He provided stewardship of the IT Innovation Fund, as well as, video advocacy, and UX/UI for mobile solutions. David started using MicroLearning to support new WordPress users.

He returned to FSI in 2017 to create a MicroLearning development program for SAIT. David prototyped a cloud-based learning portal to provide anytime/anywhere training based on WordPress.

Finally, David served as the Technology Communication Manager for the Systems Operations Division (SOD). His goal was to develop user-focused learning for Microsoft Office 365 applications and services. This was the first time Information Resource Management created such an initiative. David’s last effort was to implement a Microsoft Learning Pathways education site, which continues to provide job-place education today.



MicroLearning Videos

Promotional Videos Sample 2011-2019

WordPress Client Training 2017



“Grateful to have worked with him and partnered on helping diplomacy smoothly adopt new technology.”


Todd Cheng

Director Of Customer Service - U.S. Department of State

“His passion for helping people learn how to use technology using plain language and highly relatable scenarios is something still followed even after his departure.”


Bill Freestone

Division Chief - U.S. Department of State

“His ability to push people to their full potential is one thing that I have learned from him and will truly cherish through the years.”


Ben Vincent Samoy

CDT Portal Engineer - Willis Towers Watson

“Luckily I can handle reverse alphabetical order because Zweigel was my first choice to solve any technical problem I had. “


Judith Jones

Former Foreign Service Officer - U.S. Department of State

“David’s work with the U.S. Department of State exemplifies his progressive approach to projects that combines self-direction and group collaboration.”


Claire H. Johnston

Digital Strategist



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