Innovator with thirty-five years focused on making technology accessible to non-technical people, translating bits and bytes into relevant terms.  Helped others successfully use technology in day-to-day work through classroom training, course development, business requirement development, change management and solutions analysis. Seeking to share experience and knowledge in learning environment or on a consulting basis.

Work Expereince

  • Technology Communication Manager
    U.S. Department of State / Washington DC / 2019 - Present
    • Developed user-focused learning materials for mobile/remote use of Office 365 which led to 6,000 additional users and reduction in IT service requests.
    • Created new knowledge hub and online training for cloud and mobile applications resulting in better-informed and productive user community.
  • MicroLearning Initiative Lead – Foreign Service Institute
    U.S. Department of State/ Arlington VA / 2017-2019
    • Established criteria and methodology for MicroLearning video development resulting in 10+ new videos for job-place learning.
    • Created prototype cloud-based learning portal to demonstrate usefulness of job site training and social learning.
  • Senior Business Practice Advisor – Office of eDiplomacy
    U.S. Department of State / Washington DC / 2011-2017
    • Fostered development of user-focused solutions through management of IT Innovation Fund resulting in 10 customer-driven solutions to solve various user issues.
    • Developed prototype knowledge management and collaboration system that illustrated cost-effectiveness of open source solutions.
    • Used graphic design, video production, and WordPress tools to promote new technology leading to increased user awareness and adoption.
  • Director of Printing
    U.S. Department of State / Manila Philippines / 2007-2011
    • Managed government printing facility in Philippines and secured ISO-9001 certification, increasing quality control.
    • Designed marketing strategies and tools to increase customer knowledge, leading to overall increase in revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Senior Technology Advisor
    U.S. Department of State / Washington DC / 2006-2007
    • Provided technology advice to U.S. embassies in Europe leading to increased use of Web 2.0/Social Media.
    • Conducted technology needs analysis for Public Affair offices in Europe resulting in better insights and support.
  • Public Diplomacy instructor - Foreign Service Institute
    U.S. Department of State / Arlington VA / 2003-2006
    • Integrated contextual technology training into main course content through classroom and hands-on training, allowing Public Affairs practitioners to leverage digital tools.
  • Overseas Printing Specialist/Technology Advisor
    U.S. Information Agency / Washington DC & Manila / 1991 - 2003
    • Oversaw conversion from analog to digital production for five magazines, in over 14 languages, and countless other print products with savings in time, money and resources.
    • Deployed and managed internet centers in refugee camps during the Kosovo war.